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Our Sitaras

Guddi's Story

In the picture, Guddi is sewing quilts in a room of the newly constructed floor in her house. Earlier, she used the common area in the middle of the house to lay out the quilts- there was hardly any space to spread out the quilt. She and her daughter, Salma, could only make a small earning per month, at a piece rate of INR 50 for each quilt. This was part of arrangement with a local supplier who would give them half-prepared quilts on which they would sew different patterns. Thereafter, these quilts are exported overseas.

However, Guddi did not have the ideal space to work at her home. The roof of the house was temporary, the house would turn into a furnace during the summers and freeze during the winters; the toilet was outside the house and broken-down. Guddi’s husband is too old to work, and the household relies on the earnings of Guddi, her two sons and Salma.

Guddi learnt about SEWA Grih Rin Limited (SGRL) from her neighbour and a loan meant for home improvement of INR 1,15,000 was successfully disbursed to the family in two tranches by May’16. Once the construction was complete, Guddi moved her work to the newly built room on the first floor, which is now her workshop. Ever since she has moved her work here, she has managed to almost double her earnings.

Her ability to earn more has brought her a newfound confidence: she wants to step out and look for better paying home-based work. Guddi is relieved to know that when her sons get married, they will each have their own private rooms, and perhaps Guddi will apply for another loan to SGRL to construct a bigger workshop for herself.

Ravina's Story

Ravina Khatun lives in Ghaziabad in a family of ten members. Ravina, her husband Mohamad and her eldest son are battery rickshaw drivers, and the only earning members of the family.

Up until January 2018, Ravina’s family lived in a G+2 kutcha and cramped house with a small corner being used as both toilet and bathroom; there is no separate kitchen in the house - their cooking arrangement was in a room over the floor. The pillars setting the foundation and supporting the structure of the house were breaking down - a heavy rainfall could have seriously damaged the house. It needed to be demolished and built from scratch. With only three earning members supporting a family of ten, the financial condition of the household had not been ideal to finance the construction of their house.

Ravina and Mohamad had been on the lookout for financing options and when they came across a pamphlet of SEWA Grih Rin Limited, they decided to contact the Company. A thorough assessment was carried out by SEWA Grih Rin Limited and considering the consistent earnings of Ravina and Mohamad, a loan of INR 3,25,000 was sanctioned and successfully disbursed to the household in February 2018.

Ravina and Mohamad’s hard work has been a reassuring factor for the success of their loan. We learnt that Ravina had been driving the e-rickshaw since the past ten years and it was Mohamad who had encouraged her to work with him. Ravina is famously known as “Ravina Khatun who drives the auto” in her locality, both in Ghaziabad and East Delhi. She is apparently one of the seven women drivers who hail customers from the nearby metro station in the region. She finds her job absolutely enjoyable.

Presently, the family’s housing condition has improved tremendously. The three kutcha rooms and a joint bathroom-toilet has been rebuilt into four rooms, a separate toilet and bathroom, a joint bathroom-toilet and a separate kitchen, all of which is pucca and new.

Aarti's Story

Aarti lives with her husband Kamlesh and their two-year-old son in a rented flat in Ujjain. Kamlesh is a contractual machine operator at the electricity board in the city and Aarti takes up tailoring jobs from her home. The family had been living in rental accommodations since they got married as they do not own any property. Their existing state of housing is not adequate: they occupy a single room which houses their bed, the kitchen and a tiny bathroom-toilet adjacent to the equally small kitchen. The burden of paying rent every month had come in the way of the family’s long harboured dream of owning their house.

An opportunity came when they won the lottery to a flat under the BSUP (Basic Services for Urban Poor Programme) rehabilitation component of JnNURM scheme of Government of India. Around 150 families were allotted a flat each under in the project. Most of these households had the unfortunate fate of being eligible to the allotment but lacking in the financial resources to fund the purchase.

SEWA Grih Rin Ltd.’s branch in Ujjain has been functional in the city since 2015 and has a marked presence in Ujjain’s housing finance market. The Company made a decision to extend its loan services to the allottees and Aarti’s family was of the 26 households to whom SEWA Grih Rin Limited provided the loan facility at a reduced rate of interest. To this effect, SEWA Grih Rin signed an MoU with the Municipal Corporation of Ujjain in January 2018. Basis this agreement, the beneficiary of the BSUP scheme will have to initially deposit a sum of INR 10,000 to book their purchase and further pay INR 90,000 to finalise the purchase and officially own the lease dead to the unit. SEWA Grih Rin Limited successfully disbursed the amount of INR 90,000 to Aarti and Kamlesh. They are now only awaiting the receipt of their lease deed after which will they will take possession of their new house.

In her new house, Aarti will have two rooms, an open kitchen and a bigger bathroom-toilet, and the whole house is spread over an area of 320 sq. ft. The family has been eagerly looking forward to occupying their new home which now, they can rightfully call their own.

In an endeavour to provide the best-in-class services to our loan borrowers, SEWA Grih Rin suggests that the borrowers should get their property and loan repayments insured to cover any unfortunate event during the re-payment term of the loan. For the convenience of customers, SEWA Grih Rin has tied up with various insurance companies to offer lucrative products and services for its borrowers.

SEWA Grih Rin does not render any insurance related services and the Borrowers shall be solely responsible for the Insurance products purchased through the Insurance Partners. Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.